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my anaconda don’t…


my anaconda don’t…


My anaconda dont’ want none unless you got buns hun




Jourdan Dunn by Miles Aldridge for Ponystep #3 S/S 2012.

Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge



Just a few days ago I was in Daytona Beach, Florida visiting my grandparents. Right up the street from them is the Daytona Beach Playhouse, where my grandfather used to act way back in the 50s and 60s, and where my mom did a few shows too as a kid. My mom wanted to go visit the place to see if we could dig up some of the old programs from their archives. Happily, they had no problem letting us in to look, and we found a number of playbills of my grandpa’s shows, and even a great photo of him from a rehearsal in 1966.

The manager also mentioned that they had a picture of some famous actor which they’d dug out recently after getting an inquiring phone call from the David Letterman Show. And that is how we found out that none other than BRYAN CRANSTON had passed through the Daytona Beach Playhouse way back in 1978. Apparently he’d briefly had a job in town, and in his free time somehow ended up in a production of The King and I. Also filed away with the cast picture were a bunch of production photos (sadly he wasn’t in any of those), and copy of the program. As you can see, he played the Kralahome!

Scorsese’s Women featuring Jodie Foster, Winona Ryder, Sharon Stone, Juliette Lewis and Jessica Lange by Steven Klein for W Magazine

I feel like I´m faking. Faking everything.

"I’m like the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve gotten to be a princess, I’ve gotten to work with the Muppets. A lot of my childhood dreams about who I wanted to be when I was a grown-up, I at least get to play them in movies."

Happy 40th birthday, Amy Lou Adams! (August 20, 1974)

Yo! How about another season of #HaltandCatchFire? [x]

Yo! How about another season of ? [x]